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Fic: Looking Down On After You

For PhoenixDragon for being awesome and kind and sweet and supportive and, oh, did I mention 'awesome'?
(Yes I did.)

The Doctor is very fond of his PondsCollapse )

Krzysztov, Part VI

And the final part, which I finished only about a week ago.
I know it's weird and anti-climactic, but then that was the point, really - because why should writing have a point to make?

Krzysztov - Part VICollapse )

Maybe we are all fictional, our lives being twisted and turned by puppeteers.

Krzysztov, Part IV

And part four. Things are getting seriously metatextual here, huh?

Krzysztov - Part IVCollapse )

So yeah, I wrote this story originally about someone going mad. And then somewhere around this part it took a turn because the character started to become aware of his fictional nature. Oops?

Krzysztov, Part II & III

As part II is only a letter and pretty short, I've also added part III. Because I can.

Krzysztov - Part II & IIICollapse )

Pfff, take home exam time. (One more week, one more week..)

Krzysztov, Part I

I've finally finished a weird, metafictional story that I started on a year ago just before I got ill all summer and forgot all about it (oops).
It features Dimitri, or sort of a version of him, plus a lot of twisted mindfuck and more postmodernism than is good for you.
Still, if you feel like reading it, I'll be posting a part every day until it's all here. (It's six parts in total.)

(And, possibly, let me know what you think?)
[Ahem, also, my Russian is terrible. If I made any mistakes, well.. that's only to be expected. Let me know, though.]

Krzysztov - Part ICollapse )